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Process-centred data storage

A major problem at Reboot.FM as it is today, is that the same data has to be input several times through different interfaces, and sometimes manually converted. This is the case for audio file metadata, schedules and playlists,

Looking at the data flows inside the Reboot.FM system (, it is apparent that the system lacks a unified data repository. This is a classic problem aka the 'Silo Concept'. Each of the subsystems used in the Reboot.FM workflow uses it's own data mapping. This mapping is the product of the logical structure of the data in each subsystem, which is itself the product of different needs and design decisions in each individual process. For example: Wordpress stores playlist data in it's database, but the same data is copied (manually) in ID3 tags and coded in the audio file name. The Silo Concept leads to fragmented data storage and poor communication between components.

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