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Setting up an audio streaming Server on Linux

For compiling the programs from source, install 'gcc', 'g++4.0' and 'make' packages for your distribution. In the examples, I will be using 'sudo' for gaining administrator rights when necessary, instead of becoming root. This makes life a lot easier, so please install the sudo package. Once it is installed, you will have to add yourself to the sudoers file.

> su
> visudo

Add a line like

username ALL=(ALL) ALL

save and exit (CtrlO, CtrlX).

> exit

Setting up a 'radio' usergroup

Start by making a new group called radio.

> sudo groupadd radio

Add yourself to the radio group

> sudo nano /etc/group

edit the last line to read

> radio:x:####:username

where #### is thegroup id number, and username yout own login name. Save and exit nano (CtrlO, CtrlX), then log again to update your shells group information

> su username

Then check if this worked

> groups

gives you a list of the groups you are a member of. This list should contain the group radio.

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