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There are several open source and proprietary streaming servers, but we chose to use Icecast from When I got involved with Radio1:1, we knew we would have to write our own software to realize the concept, and offers a framework for broadcasting, which includes codecs, software and file formats, all open source. We chose the proprietary mp3 format on the client side (mp3 is copyright by the Frauenhofer Institute), but our systems is based on streaming technology, except for darkice, the live encoder.

Audio Sources

Several very different programs can produce a source for the Icecast server. Among the most interesting: ices, xmms and pure data. Please note that most of these programs can produce a stream either from static files saved on a harddisk or from live input, but rarely from both. First, we will be setting up a source from static files. We chose Ices from as a source for the streaming server, for the reasons explained under 2.2 above (In terms, this program is called a client, which is a bit confusing I think). Ices comes in two versions: the 0.x version can encode mp3, and the 2.x version encodes primarily in ogg format.

Monitoring the Stream


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