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The fileserver originally had 200GB available for storing audio data. The live shows produced around 500 to 1000 MB daily, so the storage capacity had to be increased to around 320GB after a month. After 2 month broadcasting, the audio archive contains 1800 files, most of which are about 1 hour in length. These are archive recordings from prevoious years, live recordings, studio recordings and downloaded podcasts. Recordings were stored as 256kbps stereo (not joint stereo) files, to avoid resampling for better quality and minimize CPU usage. Live recording were made by dumping the darkice live stream to a file. Darkice only records at jointstereo. Also these recordings often had encoding errors. (An interesting new development is MP3FS, a virtual filesystem that enables to mount a directory of FLAC (losslesscompressed) files as MP3. This solution was not tested by us.)

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