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Relay an external stream from another radio station or source, or a life stream.


In the scope of collaborating with another radio station, it might be necessary to relay a stream from another source. Another practical possibility is to relay a life stream from another location such as a festival. Technically, relaying an external steam is not much different to relaying one's own studio stream. There might be format or bandwidth differences though, so to be on the safe side the stream would have to be converted on the fly.




A streaming server has to be installed and running.


The necessary operating system privileges need to be configured, so that editing the streaming server options is possible through the interface.

Main success scenario

The administrator...

  1. chooses a stream source
  2. if necessary, defines an output format and bandwidth
  3. adds or edits descriptive tags to the stream

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • the server will relay the external stream
  • the format and bandwidth will be converted
  • the edited stream tags are embedded in the stream

Other scenarios

the stream source is unavailable
the server will then relay it's pre-configured fall-back stream
wrong format
the streaming source should be able to convert common formats on the fly, provided it is able to recognize the input format and codec automatically. If not, then the server should relay it's fall-back stream.
wrong tags
some players will not accept edited metadata. In case the metadata is not accepted by the player, then the server will have no knowledge of it. Metadata can only be monitored on an external player.

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