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Build a playout setup through an easy to use interface.


The playout system can be composed of streaming sources, master and relay servers, as well as fallback streams.




A streaming server has to be installed and running.


The necessary operating system privileges need to be configured, so that editing the streaming server options is possible through the interface.

Main success scenario

The administrator...

  1. chooses a stream source and defines one or several steams with different bandwidths
  2. chooses a master server by IP and port
  3. defines mount points for the stream sources.
  4. chooses a relay server by IP and port
  5. defines mount points for the relayed streams.
  6. chooses a fall-back stream source and configures a bandwidth for it.

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • when ready, the administrator can listen any of the streams at any mount point, whether it be on the master server or on the relay server
  • it is also possible to trigger the fall-back

Other scenarios

Simpler configurations
configurations without a relay server or without a fall-back stream are possible, but not recommended.

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