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Get track descriptive metadata from a an external music catalogue.


Entering a precise description for each track is necessary for logging purposes. These logs are required by the recording industry organisations, to calculate the fee to be paid by the station. While this is an important part of the radio work, it can become quite tedious to do by hand. A solution is to integrate an external service, such as discogs, with the radio application. The service is used to search for a track, given partial information.


DJ, Editor, Admin


  • An external service has to be configured

Main success scenario

  1. Enter some partial information about a track, such as track name, artist or release.
  2. Selects a service to be queried from a drop-down list. Send a request.
  3. The service answers with a number of possible tracks, releases, artists or labels.
  4. Once a candidate has been identified, the data is read from the external service and mapped to the internal metadata.
  5. Empty field are filled-in automatically.
  6. Save the data.

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • The track has been tagged
  • Associated entities, such as label, artist, release, have been created.

Other scenarios

The track is unknown by the service
An option should exist, to add this data to the service, once all data has been manually entered.
Some fields are not empty
If some fields are already filled-in, the data is not automatically replaced but the alternative data is presented as an option, and can be accepted or rejected.

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