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live shows show up in the archive

It would be cool (but probably not required) if Campcaster could record playlists and live emissions automatically, for archiving and replays. This is more difficult than it sounds though, because audio files should be mastered before being archived. Note that this is not the same as exporting a playlist to a single file, since the sound would have to be recorded from the mixer.

Synopsis: Live Show Recording and Rebroadcasting with Automated Tagging and Storage

Assumption: we will be recording from hardware, not a stream. A stream will be off by a few seconds and thus a show would not be captured properly.

1. A show can be marked with a "Record" checkbox. Whether this checkbox shows up is configurable in the System Preferences, which by default is ON.

2. A show can be marked with a "Rebroadcast" checkbox. (Only shows up if "Record and Archive" is System Preference is ON). If checked, the user is presented with an interface allowing them to choose the days and times to rebroadcast the show.

3. The recorder should automatically tag the audio file with the date & time, show name, and any other metadata and upload it back into the Airtime database.

4. When uploaded to the database, it should be attached to the show(in the past) and available for download through the interface. It should also be scheduled into any rebroadcast shows in the future.

5. The recorder should be able to upload the file to Soundcloud as well.

6. In the "Now Playing" bar, it should display an indicator that it is recording.

7. The "Now Playing" list view should be changed to display empty shows. It also needs an indicator whether the show is being recorded - suggest to show a red circle that is usually used to indicate "Record" next to the show name.

8. Rebroadcasted shows: the "Now Playing" indicator should say the date of the first broadcast as it is customary to announce repeats as "this programme was first broadcast on blah blah 2010"

stores files for a configurable quantity of days, before deleting them to save storage space. I estimate 42 days of continuous Vorbis recording requires just over 59GB storage, at a rate of 1MB per minute.

Note: A previous version of this document advocated for combining the recording of shows with logging the entire broadcast for regulation purposes. But combining these two features makes it more difficult to get the audio cut to the exact show boundaries. Also, the hardware requirements for these two activities are vastly different. Airtime-Recorder can be run on a machine with lower disk space than the massive amount of space required for continuous logging.

Based on a Campcaster use case by Micz Flor







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