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Upload and publish schedule and playlist information on the station's website.


Publishing schedule and playlist information on the website is essential for online radios. Comments on shows are the prime source of feedback since phone-in programmes are not possible, due to the asynchronous nature of streams. The information on the website doubles as a portal for the podcast.


This use case is time-triggered.


A website should be up and running.


The website and the scheduler should be able to communicate through a common file format. The scheduler should be able to access the website's protected interface or vice-versa.

Main success scenario

  1. the scheduler gathers information about the coming shows
  2. this show information is formatted in an agreed common format
  3. the scheduler and website negotiate the information transfer. This can be both ways, push or pull.
  4. the scheduler is notified that the transfer succeeded.

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • the schedule and playlist information is present on the website

Other scenarios

transfer incomplete
if the information transfer was incomplete, then the scheduler should notify the administrator.
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