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Recordings are available for stream and/or download.


A podcast is generated and then published. The purpose of the podcast is to reach a wider audience since obviously podcasts are not tied to a listening slot. This is interesting, because it lowers the barriers between audience groups. Disco goers can listen to university lectures and early birds can go jogging on the night's DJ mixes.


This use case is time-triggered.


A publicly accessible file server has to be available. Occasionally, it might be useful to arrange for an external podcast aggregator.


There are some different podcast formats; one or more have to be chosen and understood by both the scheduler and the website. The necessary access permissions have to be granted, for both the file server and the podcast server. The servers URLs and possibly access keys have to be configured.

Main success scenario

  1. The uploaded audio files should be tagged with show and emission information.
  2. Additionally, download permission is optional, some files can only be streamed, depending on their license. Download permission should be recorded.
  3. Upload files and metadata from the scheduler to the website.

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • The files are available for streaming or download from the website.

Other scenarios

No access
if access to the file server or the webserver was not possible, then the administrator should be notified.
Disk full
if the podcast ran out of online disc space, the administrator should be notified.

Related use cases

  • Publish schedule on the web
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