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The studio was situated at Tesla, center for media arts, in Berlin. It was used for daily live shows, lasting 24 hours. The encoder and fileserver were also located at the studio. The studio mixer was digitally connected to the stream encoder.


The encoder hardware was 2.4 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM. The audio hardware and operating system are discussed below. The encoder was at the studio, since it was physically connected to the studio mixer.


The fileserver was also located at the studio. This is not strictly necessary, but saves a lot of bandwidth. A fileserver located at the same location as the webserver would be more stable though.


The webserver was a normal webserver, used for relaying the streams to the web. Bandwidth is discussed in detail below.

FM antenna

The antenna was setup on a high building, several kilometers from the studio. The antenna system had a computer that played out a 256 kbps stream continously. The stream was relayed alternatively from the webserver or directly from the encoder. It also had various fallback and monitoring software.


Additionally, not shown here, the Radio1:1 system included several custom computers built into 19 inch audio racks, that were directly hooked to the PA at several venues, and remotecontrolled through the internet. These computers provided audio data in the form of MP3 podcasts, that were cached on the fileserver. Several reporters equipped with harddiscrecorders produced a lot of live material. Two computers dedicated to audio editing were situated at the studio.

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