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Access and Monitor data about the stream currently being served.


DJs are required to check that the web stream is functioning before starting their show. Administrators and editors could want to monitor a stream for several reasons.

Generally, the streaming server provides a web service to check it's status and other useful information.

An element is necessary in the administrator GUI, to set the streaming server's web service URL, user name and password.

The streaming servers feedback should be presented in readable form inside the GUI.


Administrator, editor, DJ


A streaming server has to be up and running.


The administrator has to give editors and DJ the permission to monitor the server, by first setting a user name and password, and then configuring the GUI to use these to connect to the streaming servers monitoring web service.

Main success scenario

  1. If the system has been configured correctly by the administrator, DJs and editors have access to a monitoring data.
  2. After requesting the data, the user is presented with information on number of streams, bandwidth, mount points
  3. user is also presented with a simplified feedback stating unambiguously if the server is functioning or not.

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • user knows if the server is functioning correctly

Other scenarios

access denied
if the administrator has not configured the streaming server web services user name, password and URL correctly, the the user trying to access the page has to be presented with an error message.

Related use cases

  • route streams
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