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Import a batch of audio files into the archive.


It might be necessary to import large amounts of audio files from external sources into the archive. One way to do this is to mount an external file system, such as a file server or a portable hard disc, and to import all suitable files recursively.




  • An external file system has to be readable by the archive computer.
  • The download speed has to be appropriate to the size of the files (particularly when importing through a network).


  • File types acceptable for import have to be determined first.

Main success scenario

  1. select a directory to import
  2. determine if directories are to be imported recursively
  3. select file types to import
  4. check if the archive has enough disc space
  5. display warning message with how much disc space is required and how many files will be imported
  6. copy files to the archive's disc, rename them
  7. for each file make a preliminary entry in the archive, if possible try to import the file's embedded metadata
  8. when finished, display a completion message
  9. list imported files and offer to edit their metadata

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • Selected files are available on the archive's file system
  • each file is registered in the archive

Other scenarios

File system cannot be read
Display a suitable warning
Selected directory is in the archive
it should not be possible to import a directory already in the archive. Only external sources should be allowed.
No file types can be uploaded yet
Display warning and guide to corresponding preferences page
Archive doesn't have enough disc space
Display warning
Cancel upload
Return to step1: directory selection

Related use cases

  • upload a file
  • retrieve metadata from external service

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Based on a Campcaster use case by Andrey Podshivalov

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