Data flows within the system


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Data Flows

The system DFD shows the processes within the system, and any stores of data they use.



Archive Computer.
A computer in the Studio, with lots of storage. This computer is also used for mastering.
Studio Computer.
A smaller computer used for recording, playback and tagging audio files in the studio. The archive partition on the archive computer is mounted here through NFS.
Analogue audio mixer.
Stream encoder.
A software data source and client such as Icecast, Darkice or similar, and a streaming server relay to Klubradio (?).
Blog CMS.
Wordpress content management system.
An on-line calendar system.

Data stores

A partition to store files on the archive computer.

Data sources

Audio archive.
Audio files are stored in an external file server.
  • MP3 Files: Title (Showname - Number - Titel - Date), artist, genre (Radioshow), album ( - Showname), year, Comment ( ID3 tags are set.
  • In general, no other file formats are used. There are however files in Ogg format, originating from older projects by Bootlab / Klubradio as well as the Radia project and external sources.
External web stream.
Currently, audio streams are patched through the mixing board (not sure about this). In the past, audio streams have also been relayed by manually tweaking the streaming server settings. The ability to schedule an external webcast automatically would be interesting. Streams in MP3 and Ogg format should be usable.
Station's web stream.
The streaming server is monitored from the studio.
Live Audio.
Live audio from the studio (microphone, turntables etc.) is patched through the mixer.
Editors prepare a trimonthly show schedule using calendar software. Editors can also edit the calendar entries whenever necessary.
Artists (or DJs) are responsible for creating playlists and describing shows and emissions. This data is exported to the website and Soundcloud (probably also Twitter, not sure).

Data sinks

Audio Archive.
Recorded emissions are stored in the audio repository for archiving and replays.
Artists (or DJs) are required to confirm their shows. They receive an automatic reminder E-Mail as soon as the Scheduled is entered in the calendar by the editors.
Station's web stream.
The radio station's web stream.
Playout consists of a compressor and audio hardware.
Studio preview.
Updated manually with Showname, Title, Artist, Description. Upload audio.
Updated manually with Showname, Title, Artist, Description, link to Soundcloud.
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