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Compose a playlist and schedule it.


An emission is an instance of a show and consists of a playlist, tags and additional information. While composing an effective playlist is a major goal for every DJ, giving each emission a suitable own description should not be neglected, otherwise search engines will treat the description as spam and will not grant shows their deserved score.




A DJ wants to create a new emission of a show.


A show of which this emission is an instance has to exist. The user creating the emission has to have DJ privileges.

Main success scenario

  1. The DJ accesses the interface for administering her show.
  2. The DJ initiates the creation of a new emission in her user interface.
  3. The DJ tags and describes the emission. Manually entered tags include music genre and guest DJs names.
  4. The DJ composes a playlist (see use case: composing a playlist)
  5. Once the emission is ready, it has to be explicitly tagged as finished, before being scheduled.
  6. The DJ schedules the emission for her show. The emission is the automatically tagged with date and number.

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • A new emission has been created
  • The new emission has a description and tags.
  • The emission has a playlist of the length of the assigned time slot.
  • The emission is scheduled.

Other scenarios

Show has not yet been scheduled.
Depending on station policy, it could be possible to compose emissions for shows that have not yet been scheduled by editors.
Emission has no description.
Emission description should be required. The description should be different from that of the previous emissions and from that of the show.

Related use cases

  • Creating a show
  • Composing a playlist
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