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Creating a radio show and associating DJ with a newly created show.


Generally each radio emission is associated with a radio show. The radio show is itself associated with a particular DJ, and is tagged with show name, show title, and show description. The concept of 'Radio Show' is essential to a majority of radio stations, with the exception of radically free-form ones. Shows are created by editors, on behalf of DJs.


DJ, mentor (the editor who granted DJ privileges to this particular user)


A user requests the creation of a show.


The user requesting the creation of the show has to have the role DJ. The users mentor has to have the role editor.

Main success scenario

  1. A registered user with role DJ requests the creation of a show.
  2. The DJ's mentor accepts the request and creates a show.
  3. The user is notified in her todo list and by email.
  4. The DJ enters the required show description, tags, acknowledges additional terms and conditions if required by station policy.
  5. The editor assigns a time slot in the schedule to the show.
  6. The user is again notified in her todo list and by email.

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • A show has been created.
  • The required show description has been entered.
  • A DJ is associated with the show.

Other scenarios

The requesting user does not have the role DJ
The user should be informed how to gain access to DJ privileges, i.e. by filing a request to an editor.
The editor does not grant the request.
There may be several reasons for this: schedule is full, user is too inexperienced etc. In any case the user has to be notified by email.
The DJ does not enter the required show description.
Show description is important for integrating the online presence of the radio station. A show should not be assigned airtime unless the description (including tags) is complete.
The DJ does not accept additional terms in station policy.
The creation request is then deleted.
A time slot cannot be assigned.
If the schedule is full, or there are no suitable time slots available for this particular show due to editorial policy, then the DJ has to be notified by email. The show is not deleted, but is put on halt until a suitable time slot becomes available.

Related use cases

  • Assign role DJ to a user.

Related documents

Schultz, P. (2010) " Studio Podcast Workflow 0.2"

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