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Compose a playlist for an emission.


DJs can compose playlists from files stored on the archive server.




DJ has to have access to the archive server.


There have to be enough files on the file server to compose a decent emission. Alternatively, the DJ can upload files on the fileserver herself.

Main success scenario

  1. DJ browses or searches the archive for interesting audio files (see use case: browsing the archive).
  2. Once a suitable file has been found, it is appended to a temporary playlist.
  3. The DJ can return any time to the emission creation interface and append files from the temporary playlist to the emission playlist.
  4. The DJ can also remove files from the emission playlist.
  5. The DJ can also change the order of the audio files in the emission playlist.
  6. The start time, end time, length, fade in and fade out times of each audio file can be set.
  7. Once the total length of the the emission playlist has reached the exact length of the time slot reserved for the show, the user is notified.
  8. When the DJ has finished composing the playlist, she returns to the emission interface.

Post-conditions for main success scenario

  • A playlist is associated with a show
  • The playlist has the correct length

Other scenarios

No suitable files are found
If the archive does not contain enough suitable files, the DJ can upload some new files (see use case: uploading a file)

Related use cases

  • Creating an emission
  • Uploading a file
  • Browsing the archive

Related documents

Ohrstrom, J., Hagmann, O. (2010) "FAQ - The Open Broadcast Weblog",

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