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This system has two bandwidth bottlenecks. The connection between the encoder and the webserver, and the webservers internet connection itself. The encoder produced a multiple bandwidth stream of 256, 128 and 32 kbps. Thats a minimum upload of 416kbps streaming continously. The encoder streamed to the webserver through a DSL connection. The upload bandwidth used by the webserver varies with the number of listeners. The maximum calculated bandwidth used was 2000 kbps (this figure is a very approximative estimate, out of the streaming server logs).

You will need a lot of bandwidth. At the time of writting, a normal DSL line in Germany has an upload of 192 kbps. With such a connection, it would be possible to serve 1 user at an acceptable quality of 128kbps, or 5 at 32kbps, the bitrate below which music stops and noise begins. There are providers though, that will let you configure the upto download ratio. There are also websites that will mirror your stream and provide you with plenty bandwidth.

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