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Most countries require radio stations to provide a sound recording of their broadcast. Many of these do not require actual recordings of the FM signal, and output from the mixing board is sufficient. The Archive component is intended to provide

  • digital recording* storage
  • ties to proof of broadcast tools such as 68H’s Logger* Compliance with local laws and regulations
  • user-friendly search and retrieval of relevant program contentIdeally, the archive would be tied to logging functions, so that a full-text search for files or playlists would return those items’ broadcast date and time (extracted from the log file), as well as providing for the opportunity to hear the files in question (extracted from the archive file).

Adding the search/retrieval functions to the API would also allow for later integration with other tools such as ad management.

While the Archive component ideally would run on a separate computer, steps should be taken to also provide for the possibility of running it on the same computer as other LiveSupport components, but one where we make the strong recommendation for a separate hardware for the archive functions (sound card and disk storage).

Users should also have the ability to back up archive files to storage media such as other hard disks or removable media such as DVDs, CDs or tape. Such backup must be in a user-friendly manner and accessible from a GUI.

User Selects System Responds
Preferences -> Archive Shows menu of Archive options: Archive status, Start/Stop Archive, Backup, Preferences
Start Archive User is prompted for the filesystem location for the archive files. Archive recording begins. If silence is detected for more than [set] seconds, a warning message is displayed at any time to both the HTML UI and LS Studio. This message would read “Archive warning: Silence has been recorded for more than XX seconds. Please check the sound inputs to make sure the archive is receiving a sound signal. A VU meter displays the sound being recorded. Warning messages are displayed to all users when disk usage exceeds user settings.
Stop Archive Recording is stopped. File is closed and saved.
  • Set length of archive files (in hh:mm)
* Set silence warning (in hh:mm)* Set disk usage warning (in megabytes)* Set file type for recording (compression, bitrate, mono/stereo)* Set input levels for recording |

Other actors:

Search would enable users to not only search the storage server, but a checkbox would also allow search/retrieval of files from the archive. Archive files would be delineated with a different icon, and would need to be re-input as new files if they do not exist in the storage server already.

Users and groups need to be assigned privileges to:

- work with archive files
- administer the archive

Based on a Campcaster use case by Andrey Podshivalov







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